God is Good All the Time.

Life is not always a bed of roses, and for some people life can be quite a struggle, a constant fight to thrive, but through all that one's learn to appreciate life. Wave after wave might hit some of us, trying to stop us from swimming, and it's then when we have to learn how … Continue reading God is Good All the Time.


I can have billions of dollars, the most fancy cars, a mansion in NYC, a private yacht, a beach house in Roatan, the most fame, a lot of success, but if I don't have you, I have nothing. Written by: Nasly Inspired by: "NADA"-Shakira song. *True Happiness goes beyond material things, money can buy a … Continue reading NADA

Once Again

And once again I am here crying for you Lord. You are always there for me. I remember the time I was losing hope and you question me "Don't you trust me?" I broke down because I knew I disappointed you. How can I not trust you, when you have never forsake me. You have … Continue reading Once Again


And Suddenly, we woke up one day and everything change. At Disney the magic faded. The wall of China wasn't that strong. Now NY sleeps, And no path wants to go to Rome. A virus is crown* like the owner of the world. And we took notice of our fragility, we don't know if the … Continue reading 2020