My people

One side is me, here in the land of opportunities, a place I'm blessed to call home since I was ten years old, and then there are them.... a crowd of thousands of people stuck in a bridge on their way to a "better life". A crowd of thousands of Hondurans, man, women, and children … Continue reading My people


Stand up for what you believe, even if that means to look unpleasant. Stay true to yourself, even when the world wants you to change. Remember if you don't fit in is because you have been made to stand out. Be willing to listen, but don't mute your voice when is time to speak up. … Continue reading Unpleasant


I believe that the human heart cannot be completely full/satisfied until one has God. You might think you have everything, meaning family, a career, money etc. But the truth is that if you don't have God you have NOTHING. For God is everything and is ONLY Him who can fill the empty space in the … Continue reading Complete